Sunday, 9 October 2011

Amulet #43 - Get Better/Stay Better

Over the last week, I've not been very well. After a nasty bout of food poisoning, it has taken me quite a while to get better. Over that time I have been semi-house bound, under strict instructions to rest and this has meant I have been watching quite a lot of films, videos and TV programmes online. It has also been the first chance I have had to really catch up with the footage and reports coming from the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York.

While watching Alex Mallis and Lily Henderson's short film Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.), I was struck by the way in which people in the movement are beginning to organize themselves to address daily and basic needs like healthcare, food, shelter and sanitation. Today's amulet is an echo of the red crosses worn in the film by members of the first-aid working group (theirs are fashioned from red gaffa tape), worn in solidarity with those who are protesting against social and economic inequality in the USA, an amulet to protect against forgetting how well provided for I am as a UK resident (a beneficiary of the NHS) and as a personal reminder to get better and STAY better.

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