Thursday, 4 March 2010

Amulet #31 - Anti-rage device

Ok, so there are absolutely no excuses I could make that could justify the month-long hiatus I have had on this project. The MA deadlines just got too much for me, then I was away quite a lot, then I fell out of the habit slightly, then it was a month later... It is a shame really, as while I was doing my MA presentation in Celra, the amulets I just happened to have attached to various items of clothing had been attracting quite a lot of attention. I think there is something particularly 'useful' about the space created by these amulets - the excuse they provide for conversation and discussion of things to do with feeling protected.

Anyway, here is a long overdue and slightly out-of-focus photo of a special anti-rage device for my some-time fancyman, who needed something to signal his disapproval with others' behaviour on a hard day's park-rangering.

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