Thursday, 4 March 2010

Amulet #32 - Head Above Water

I had an email from my friend Itta who said she had stumbled across my blog and empathized strongly with Amulet #30, saying "I wonder what I am looking for, and if it really matters what I am looking for or what I will find, but I will find it, have to find it, so if I keep going it should appear somewhere, pop it's head out and say hello." Itta said that she would probably make her own version of the amulet to put in the pot plant on her desk to encourage herself to "keep looking".

I am really glad that these sentiments make sense to other people and this amulet is now winging its way to Itta, to help her keep her head above water and (as she puts it) to protect her from "the drowning effect of the too many questions my tutors will throw at me!"

I'm also very glad to report that Itta did create her own, very fine amulet and here is a picture of it...

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