Saturday, 20 August 2011

Amulet #33 - No More Half-A-Job Dobbs

Forgive me Father for I have sinned...
it has been 533 days since my last amulet post. And you'll have noticed that I stopped posting at #32, which is pitiful. After a num
ber of false starts at re-starting this project after its MA dissertation invoked hiatus, I am back on it.

A number of years ago, I earned the nickname 'Half-A-Job Dobbs' from my then long-term boyfriend because of my tendency to start projects with such eagerness, only to drop them or let them peter out some time later (before seeing them through to completion). Since then, this nickname has hung around in the back of my mind, niggling at my sub-conscious.

Earlier today I was thinking about how best to spend a rainy day indoors and thought about a range of things I have been putting off that would ultimately make me happy. As the king of the procrastinators, you can imagine, this list of mine is ample! However, I have decided that this blog is not a job that should fall off the end of the list indefinitely. In the 533 days that have passed since I last posted I have actually undertaken to make a range of different new amulets (not at the original overly-ambitious one-a-day rate), so my post today will shoot the chronological numbering system to hell somewhat, but catching up with the backlog of un-uploaded amulets was one of the excuses I was giving myself for inaction.

So, here it is - the new amulet I have made to protect myself from my Half-A-Job Dobbs-ness. I'll be wearing it a lot over the next few weeks in the hope that it will help me catch up with things on here, and rest assured reader, I WILL FINISH THIS THING!

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