Monday, 29 August 2011

Amulet #37 - Don't Let Plymouth Get You Down

This is another of the amulets I made sometime around last March (mid-hiatus on this project). It was specially designed for my friend Sarah (also the more recent recipient of Amulet #35) who was having a hard time at work in Plymouth at the time.

As readers of this blog may or may not know, I am a little bit in love with Plymouth. So much so, that I am currently working on a new project with my partner-in-crime (and other half of LOW PROFILE) Hannah called Would You Like This Badge?. This project (a series of badges developed in response to our experiences of living and working in Plymouth, thinking about how people view the city, from the inside and outside) follows on from our previous (slightly ridiculous) attempts to get people we know and like to move to Plymouth, by writing letters and making videos for them.

So, this amulet forms part of a series of on-going efforts I've been making to improve the experience of living in the city that is now my adopted home. Remember, if you need an amulet to protect you against the perils of your own city, do let me know. I am taking requests!!

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