Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Amulet #39 - One Bite At A Time

Today I'm blogging another amulet from OPERATION CATCH-UP (made in March 2010) and this one I can give a very specific date to, as it was made as a birthday present for my long-time collaborator Hannah Jones (the other half of LOW PROFILE). This amulet consists of 3 fridge magnets specially made to hold Hannah's "Schedule of Dreams" to the fridge in her kitchen.

As you can see from the snippet of said 'Schedule' shown in the photograph, Hannah is quite a busy person. She has often found herself overwhelmed by the number of things she has got going on at one time and makes a series of lists and schedules for herself to keep feelings of panic at bay. For this one, I took the well-worn advice that answers the question "How do you eat an elephant?" as a starting point. At the moment (when I find myself again in a time of having lots of different projects on the go at once), this amulet seems quite apt.

You'll be glad to know that Amulet #33 (the one that reminds me to finish what I've started) is working really quite well. I've been wearing it everyday since I made it and seem to be achieving lots. You never know, I might even get to the point where I have a new nickname and become known simply as 'The Finisher'! This, however, is possibly a long way off...

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