Thursday, 14 January 2010

Amulet #10 - To protect goods in transit

Great, I seem to have caught up with myself!! Today's amulet has quite a practical function - to guard some of my possessions as they are shipped back to the UK. After reading the fantastically named article "In One Piece (Wrapping & Packaging Advice)" on Royal Mail's website (it's not the first time - it appeals to my love of excessive advice and regulations!), I thought it would be a good idea to include the postal address *inside* the package, as well as on the outside. So, I made this special "In Transit" amulet.

The design is a bit of a call-back to the beautifully unintelligible Pioneer plaque or Voyager's Golden Record - two great attempts to communicate with beings that (would most likely) share none of our cultural reference points, visual signification codes or languages! The card features a block of text (below) translated into binary, the geographical co-ordinates of Berlin and Plymouth, and the distance between the two places in kilometers. If you are very bored, you can see what the translated message says by cutting and pasting the text below into this binary translator.

01010000-01101100-01100101-01100001 -01110011-01100101-00100000-01101100-01101111 -01101111-01101011-00100000-01100001 -01100110-01110100-01100101-01110010-00100000 -01101101-01111001-00100000-01110011 -01110100-01110101-01100110-01100110-00101110-
00100000-00001101-00001010-00001101 -00001010-01010100-01101000-01100001 -01101110-01101011-00100000-01111001 -01101111-01110101-00101110-

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