Sunday, 31 January 2010

Amulet #26 - To combat crochet frustration

After yesterday's excellent CROCHET CLUB at Hannah's house, I was determined to make an anti-frustration amulet for my friend Maddy, who found herself a little susceptible to crochet rage! I think this also heralds the start of a self imposed 'not giving up' week in relation to this 100 Days project - it can be quite tough going making one of these everyday, but it is really satisfying when I manage it. I think the discipline of doing it is a very important part of my motivation for starting but I really need to work harder to not fall behind so regularly!

I also don't quite know how I am going to keep up when I head off again next weekend for 10 days away - maybe a series of travel related amulets? Or working with one specific format? Hmmm - all this thinking out loud could be bad for one...

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