Monday, 11 January 2010

Amulet #4 - Last Train Home

This amulet was 'cooked up' (ha ha, groan - terrible puns!) over brunch at Will, Anne and Ulysses' house, thanks mainly to an idea Will came up with. The ring is made from a folded U-Bahn ticket (in all its holographic glory) with the times of the last U-Bahn trains home written carefully on the inside. Hopefully, you can get a close up look at it to see the exquisite detail of the DB logo (the train company). I think I'll stop before this gets all a bit too QVC...

By the way, I have very much been enjoying wearing the "When the dog bites..." amulet over the last few days - it's getting a good bit of attention and is a great excuse to introduce this project to the real-world.

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