Friday, 29 January 2010

Amulet #25 - To combat apathy

This amulet was a direct reaction to the Tory junk mail that came through my door this morning (you know, the one where a slightly botoxed 'Dave' Cameron is pretending to be a doctor and making hospital-bound ladies laugh). The only political leaflets that seem to come through my door are from the Conservatives and the BNP and this worries me - A LOT! Over the last week or so I have also been surprised by the number of people I have spoken to who are not registered to vote. So, today's amulet is a step towards combating political apathy. I'm not making a plea for you to vote for a specific party (but, obviously, it would be worth finding out what the different candidates stand for first...), just simply to get out and vote.

If you live in the UK and are not registered to vote, you can do so by going to - seriously, no excuses!

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