Friday, 22 January 2010

Amulet #18 - To protect against excessive duration

I managed to whip this amulet up during the opening speaker's presentation at The Pigs of Today Are The Hams Of Tomorrow, while watching Marina Abramovic give a 15 minute presentation from her sickbed via Skype. Thank you to my lovely friend Mary who acted as my glamourous assistant/surgery nurse, passing me pins, thread etc as I worked! On a weekend that demanded a lot from its audience (3 days of speakers, durational performances, interventions, debates and conversations - 7:30am starts and very late bedtimes!), this miniature sleeping bag was my little reminder to take a break every so often and embrace whatever cosiness is possible in freezing cold warehouses!

***NEWS FLASH*** - yesterday's amulet has now been immortalized as part of a very beautiful photograph by performance-superstar-photographer Hugo Glendinning and the quite fantastic Performance Re-Enactment Society. Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of the image soon...

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