Thursday, 21 January 2010

Amulet #16 - A reminder that other people need more time

Request number two - this amulet is crafted especially for my friend Avi who expressed his need for something to prevent him rushing other people or getting frustrated when people go too slowly. The wristband has the letters S P N M T stitched onto it, standing for Some People Need More Time. Seeing as Avi doesn't wear a watch, this should probably be worn on the left wrist (in place of the missing watch).

When we were talking about the project and this idea of making amulets (a practice that Avi reckons is still relatively common in Israel where he comes from), we were talking about the importance of the 'consultation' between the person who needs the amulet and the person who is making it. I suppose it works a little like a placebo - that by having some kind of treatment for the problem, by simply 'taking something for it' you would immediately start to feel better.

I have to say, it is also feels pretty good to make things especially 'for' other people - who knows, by the end of the 100 days I might have actually be a better person after all!

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