Thursday, 7 January 2010

Amulet #3 - Combat Lack Of Sleep

I think this is my favourite so far. As usual, somehow, I frittered away a lot of my time today, but determined to actually complete my task before going to bed, I came up with this idea while brushing my teeth. What can I say, I love a deadline! I've really got to get better at this very quickly if I am going to last out one hundred days...

I was reading something really nice earlier about making inscriptions in food -

"Talismans used by these peoples can be broken down into three main categories. The first are the types carried or worn on the body. The second version of a talisman is one which is hung upon or above the bed of an infirm person. The last classification of talisman is one with medicinal qualities. This latter category of item can be further divided into external and internal. In the former, one could, for example, place an amulet in a bath. The power of the amulet would be understood to be transmitted to the water, and thus to the bather. In the latter, inscriptions would be written or inscribed onto food, which was then boiled. The resulting broth, when consumed, was assumed to transfer the healing qualities engraved on the food into the consumer." (Amulet: Wikipedia)

Maybe I can start incorporating this amulet-making more into my daily routines, or my meals, or something?

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