Thursday, 14 January 2010

Amulet #9 - Always looking for your pencil sharpener?

Wednesday's amulet is very simple - I have wanted to make this ever since I bought this particular pencil sharpener (which has a cute little "R" for Rachel, oh yes, and "Right-handed" on that curved bit under the blade), so today was the day it was finally realized. My pencil sharpener is now wearable and therefore significantly less losable.

I was talking with Avi on Tuesday about how much 'red' is going on in my amulets and generally in the jewelery I choose and wear. I think I might have to find out more about red as a colour of good fortune and integrity - giving Chinese Red Pockets for good luck and the fashionable adoption of Kabbalah-style red string to ward off the evil eye are just two examples that spring to mind.

Good to see that the red string is linked to everyone's favourite biblical character too!

" Sometimes, the string has been wound in large quantities around the tomb of the Hebrew Biblical matriarch Rachel, near Bethlehem. It is considered to have great powers of "good fortune" and grant added divine protection to those who wear it." (Red String: Wikipedia)

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